Practice Areas

Small Business Planning & Representation

Operating a small business as a corporation or limited liability company can have many advantages, potentially limiting the owners’ liability and reducing taxes. We help advise clients in choosing the type and structure of a business entity and ensuring a successful start. Prices for starting a simple small corporation or LLC start at $650, including all filing fees and materials cost. Discounted pricing for multiple entities.

Real Estate Agents, Teams and Agency Representation

With years of practical experience as active real estate agents, our team can provide immediate expert advice on all aspects of real estate brokerage.  Ongoing consulting services mean that you, your agents or team members can get advice over the phone when you need it. 

Estate Planning

We focus on helping individuals and couples plan for the future: how to manage their financial and medical affairs in the event of physical or mental disability, and how to make sure their estate goes to their intended beneficiaries. Estate planning packages, including all basic documents, start at $575.00.

For Sale By Owner

Buying or selling a house without professional assistance can be a minefield of risk or liability for buyer or seller. We can provide advice and documentation to help ensure a smooth transaction. Representation from negotiation of the contract through attendance at the closing can cost as little as $2,500. Please note that we do not provide brokerage or marketing services. We will arrange title insurance and closing services through specialist providers.

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Transactions

We help small businesses and individuals successfully buy or sell real estate. We can work with you or your real estate agent with document preparation, attending the closing for you if you can’t be there, researching and clearing title defects, and providing information and advice about any aspect of the transaction.

Expert Witness and Case Review Services

We can provide expert independent analysis of your exposure in real estate broker liability cases. Attorneys, judges, juries and insurance adjusters need help understanding the legal and practical issues involved in real estate brokerage cases. We can analyze the law and the facts of your case, and help give the decision-maker the information needed.

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